Grimms Project

Recently I embarked upon an interesting new art project and I thought it was about time I shared how it was coming along. This project is an exploration on chance, both for me as the artist and in some ways for those that chose to participate. The project had definite parameters to work within, a controlled experiment you might say, but chance certainly played a big role as I had to rely on others to define certain aspects of the artwork.

I wanted to push my artistic boundaries by giving someone else the authority to chose my colour palette and what it was that I was to paint although they didn’t know that when they signed up to participate. I put out a call to my friends on Facebook and ask if their were any willing participants who would do 2 things for me. One was send my a photo of a landscape that appealed to them and the second was to chose a number within a given range. They didn’t know how these elements were going to be used just that they were for an art project. My plan was to use the photo to inform my colour palette, which is dangerous territory for a painter to hand over that power I can tell you! The number gave me a page in a book of Grimm’s fairy tales from the book Grimm Tales by Phillip Pullman,  that then gave me the fairy tale I would then interpret in my artwork.

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