Your Art Our Rooms


Wow It’s been ages since the last post and this is why! I’ve been involved in this wonderful initiative at QT Museum Hotel Wellington. QT put out a call to artists to be involved in transforming their new suite of hotel rooms into works of art. Out of 260 artists who applied I along with 26 other artists were selected. 19 of us made our marks on the walls of the 24 individual suites while others were commissioned for pieces elsewhere in the hotel.

For this I’ve been painting a large scale work directly on the wall of the room based on the Grimm’s fairy tale ‘The Musicians of Bremen’. I’ve painted many of the Grimm’s tales before (see the Grimm’s Project) but this has been the largest by far. Here are some shots of work in progress, the rooms will be available to stay in from the 2nd November 2018 so if you are planning a trip to Wellington, NZ what a wonderful experience to stay amongst fabulous art!


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