About rebeccaholden

I am an artist and graphic designer from Upper Hutt, New Zealand. My passion is painting and drawing

Upcoming Exhibition


The exhibition as a result of my residency at Samuel Marsden is on from 24th June – 1st July at NZ Portrait Gallery, Shed 11, Customhouse Quay, Wellington NZ.

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Artist residency at Samuel Marsden Collegiate School


Studio shot showing 2 of the pieces I’ve been working on during my residency

Over a 5 week period I have had the pleasure of being the 2017 Samuel Marsden Artist in Residence. It’s been a fantastic opportunity to work on some pieces for my Grimm Project as well as run workshops with the students and introduce them to how this practicing artist creates her paintings.

Some of the workshops have included figurative drawing, mask making (from being influenced by ‘The Golden Bird’ paintings) and visual story telling. The work they have produced has been terrific, I’ve really enjoyed working with the students.

For my own artworks I’ve used the opportunity of being in a new studio space within a girls school to let the new environment and surrounding area influence my work. So some of the colours and imagery of the area have made it’s way into my work. Including changing the 2 protagonists from the story ‘The Singing Bone’, who were brothers, into sisters instead.  Two of the students from Marsden posed for the work.

At the end of the residency my work, along with some of the student work, will be exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in Wellington from 24th June – 2nd July

Sand in the Apricot Jam reaches funding target on Pledgeme

Great news my Pledgeme crowdfunding campaign was successful! I reached my funding target so I can now cover the costs to send the exhibition from New Zealand to Israel for exhibition in November.

If you are interested in a Limited Edition print there are still a few copies available. Or if you’d like a set of postcards there are some available too, please contact me on the address on the poster here. Please note the prices are in NZD$ and there is an additional charge for international freight.SITAJ-limited-edition-print-flyerSITAJ-postcards-flyer

Artist residency at Samuel Marsden Collegiate

I’m really look forward to being the 2017 artist in residence at Samuel Marsden Collegiate in Wellington, NZ. While there I’ll be doing an extension of my Grimm Project and working with the students in workshops and master classes. We’ll be looking at visual story telling and composite painting and generally having a great time exploring ideas!


Please Help to Spread ‘Sand in the Apricot Jam’ WWI Artwork to Israel


I have been invited to show ‘Sand in the Apricot Jam‘ at the Museum of Rishon LeZion, Israel in November 2017.
The exhibition on the NZ Mounted Riflemen is scheduled to coincide with the centenary of 2 significant WW1 battles – but I need your help make it happen.

Friday 17th February: My PledgeMe crowd funding campaign is now live! Please check out my campaign and pledge towards a range of different rewards. It would be awesome if you could spread the word about it too! 

The Countdown!


3 days until the launch of my PledgeMe campaign, so I thought it was fitting to remember the 3 battles of Gaza (represented here in the detail of Panel 3).
The first and second were disastrous for the allied forces. The 3rd though was a victory where they gained control over the all important wells at Beersheba. Access to water was vital and could make the difference between success and failure in the desert environment.


It’s only 4 days until the launch of my PledgeMe campaign and what a fitting number to start the countdown I thought – why? you ask…
Well, the NZ Mounted Rifles operated in groups of 4, my grandfather Jack was in the 4th group of the 4th Waikato Squadron. This is why there are currently 4 paintings in the Sand in the Apricot Jam exhibition.
(photo credit: NZ National Army Museum)