The Countdown!


3 days until the launch of my PledgeMe campaign, so I thought it was fitting to remember the 3 battles of Gaza (represented here in the detail of Panel 3).
The first and second were disastrous for the allied forces. The 3rd though was a victory where they gained control over the all important wells at Beersheba. Access to water was vital and could make the difference between success and failure in the desert environment.


It’s only 4 days until the launch of my PledgeMe campaign and what a fitting number to start the countdown I thought – why? you ask…
Well, the NZ Mounted Rifles operated in groups of 4, my grandfather Jack was in the 4th group of the 4th Waikato Squadron. This is why there are currently 4 paintings in the Sand in the Apricot Jam exhibition.
(photo credit: NZ National Army Museum)

Spread ‘Sand in the Apricot Jam’ WWI Artwork to Israel


I have been invited to show ‘Sand in the Apricot Jam‘ at the Museum of Rishon LeZion, Israel in November 2017.
The exhibition on the NZ Mounted Riflemen is scheduled to coincide with the centenary of 2 significant WW1 battles – but I needs your help make it happen.

On Sunday 19th February I will be launching a PledgeMe crowd funding campaign to help fund this incredible opportunity – please help by spreading the word. Follow on Facebook

More to come…

Sand in the Apricot Jam – artist talk

On Sunday 21st August I gave an artist talk at the National Army Museum in Waiouru, NZ. Where my work Sand in the Apricot Jam was being exhibited. It was great to be able to give the audience the background stories and historical references behind each of the paintings in this body of work.


I think art, and in my case painting, is a great way to open up the dialogue about past events. It can allow us to play tribute to sacrifices made and reflect on the effects of these events on our families and our nation. We should never forget the great loss of life and the scaring that these events caused on so many souls.


As the artist of this work I brings me great satisfaction when people who have seen the work and/or have listened to me speak about it,come to me and share their own family connections to the First World War. I love that art can facilitate such sharing of stories.

‘Hansel & Gretel’ in the Parkin Drawing Prize


‘Hansel & Gretel’, graphite on gessoed paper, 2016 by Rebecca Holden, was selected as one of 90 finalists out of 429 entries for the 2016 Parkin Drawing Prize. This prize celebrates drawing in all it’s many varied forms and I am honoured to be a part of the 2016 exhibition. This exhibition is at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington, New Zealand until the 28th of August.